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oh my god im so sorry how much do u guys hate me it has been so long hahaha. okay some of this i played months ago so i might not have the best recall of everything that happened and also i might get names mixed up dont hold it against me

ahhh such a serene scene

the children are sleeping

and playing

a good grandpa

seriously everyone loves singing so much

what is happening here :OOOOOO

townie: eyyyy siren
spooky: eyyyy townie

im p sure this is jaques

so then this is jerome

birthdays are a chaotic time in the snicket household

have u guys seen the jaques snicket twitter account? so much is happening w the upcoming netflix series im so excited i dont even kno what is real and what is not but im so excited regardless

im p sure the jerome squalor account was a fake tho

telling him tales of the space sea

ive nothing to say

siren i need u to wipe that thought from ur mind right now

for some reason everyone always wants to play football at the back of the house

spooky: im havin fish fingers for dinner tonight

she pounces

hey mom can u come here for a minute

she needed a witness

this is thursday i think
for thursday caliban

and this is edgar, for edgar poe

spooky: [[is disgusted by all these children]]

what the fuck i couldnt even remember her name for a second lmao
fiona likes this one best cause he looks just like her


double grow
he smells


and thursday

starting the heir competition early

fiona: i luv u lil spooky baby
spooky: i am generations older than u i am the founder of this family

everyone pay attention

so many birthdays

its just a friendly competition~




and jaques who is now going by jackie~

they moved into a new house cause i was bored, pics on my tumblr here

time to make some crops

it was an all day affair

this is so unsafe


i deleted the grill after this

aaaah what a nice family dinner

u would think that jerome is a family sim he is so enthusiastic about the kids

what does she see

no one needs ur help

this is way too many crops im deleting some of these garden plots next time
well thats all for now
i started watching the fall last night and jonjo and emmett are in it and i cant stop cryin about constantine god i miss that show
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay that is all B)

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