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hey hi hello. im watching this weird bones/sleepy hollow crossover and everything feels so surreal so i figured it was a good time to post this
honestly who ever thought of this crossover?

starting out showing that carmelita asked for peace of mind

here is her room i want her to be a witch haha

drinking that eggplant juice

slow down there

this townie is not happy that they both have hmx hair
carm thinks it is hilarious

she is a scrapper

everywhere she goes she fights

she doesnt learn

are sims..... supposed to judge the attractiveness of the living statue????? help

anyways back at home this townie ornette walked by and carm was very smooth~

a match made in heaven
they are both VERY MAD dont steal their newspaper

get it girl

well spooky, you are right, taht is def not jackie in there.....


i decided if carmelita is gonna be about as nice as her namesake (aka not at all) she needs to get buff so she can start winning fights cause this shit is embarrassing

welcome back

welcome to the family

carm went to the park in search of a witch to turn her but she just ended up getting into so many fights

'go ahead does it look like i care? ill kick anyone's ass. ill kick your ass. ill kick a dogs ass. ill kick my own ass'

spooky: lesbians

hmmm they are both romance sims apparently

the best way to fix aspiration failure

please give her peace of mind, she needs it

i guess its taking awhile to take affect

also apparently shes pregnant im sorry this update is all over the place

jackie: i am so hot


all they do honestly

it begins

this is a mess


that neon flamingo is always used as a scapegoat


glass: shield me with your pregnant body daughter


this is bertrand named after bertrand baudelaire

spooky: she hug me....

spooky: without.... shirt......
she is a braver soul than i am


this is inappropriate get out of here

here he is, hes p neat looking!
oaky thats its for now thanks for reading!!!!
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