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i lied i said i wouldnt do anymore snicket updates until i was done with my dressy gen but i had these pictures already edited and i wanted to get this out before i got consumed by dressys sooooo. anyway have u watched jessica jones????? im on ep 10 i love it im watching it rn and drinking hot chocolate

why do my sims hands get stuck like this it is inappropriate

disgusting!!!!!! terrible


a beautiful day at the park

and a nice chat with petra

later he invited her over

ernest is rly into her


well then

lmao that was fast

shes a romance sim tho so she had to get peace of mind

can u believe this

another happy customer


why does this happen so often i feel like it shouldnt happen so often

petras game face complete with neck seam


dont smaench the tumpus touch the stomach

oh god


2 babies!

s. theodora and cleo!

everyone loves sewing~

once again.... this is not a good business practice do not recommend

s. theodora (named after s. theodora markson)
what does the s stand for? stop asking.

and cleo (named after cleo knight)

lmao oops

another babe

ooooo magic

the cornish pixie looks on in glee

here it comes

another girl! lulu after madam lulu
i am running out of names good thing this legacy is almost over
and thats all for now!!! dressys next~
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