Snicket 9.2

Feb. 2nd, 2016 09:00 pm
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i played this abt a month ago but i wanted to get it all posted up before i start playing the fledermaus legacy soooooooo without further ado i bring u...... snickets

im glad i made this house for spooky
as a refresher this is cleo

pay attention to me

then it was birthday time
this is s. theodora
what does the s stand for?
stop asking me questions

BAM lulu

and cleo

kid pics
s. theodora has a weird chin it makes her look she has a beardy thing but i love her face


and lulu

she loves to paly with cars

s theodora likes to shoot at her sister i guess

'see you in court, asshole'
'i cant hear u im a ghost'

synchronized water balloon battle
so much fun

first day of school

'well the kids r gone'

that fuckin pixie......

lulu is not in school yet, i will remind u both

these two are super comtetitive

abt everything

they kno that there is only one more gen in this legacy and they are Desperate

lulu grewgrew


the tables have turned

there she is

they do the homework

s. theodora gonna fuck u up


carmelita: grow up i fuckin dare u meet my fist

shes all talk

cleo i love her

s. theodora
i gave her a makeover shortly after tho


its risky

she is the pastel goth princess

time to grow again


i changed s theodora's look

and also cleo's
and thats the end for now
fledermauses will be the next thing im working on
thanks for reading!!!
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