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i wasnt gonna write anything tonight but i dont feel like going to bed yet and ive been sitting on these pics for a month soooooooooooo
the beginning of the end

s. theodora is adjusting to being heiress rly well as u can see

heres a bunch of pictures of her bedroom

lookin good

well thats good

she stayed at the park thru the night and had the hots for one of my townies, ryan
good enough for me

back at home

she invited ryan over

you see em

thats..... unfortunate

spooky: dont even think abt it

just fishing~

next day

ok so she invited ryan over and she lectured her abt the newspaper like she was a cUSTOMER??? the business isnt even open dude

this is going so well

i guess they made up

i fucking!!!!!
spooky died
i need to pay more attention

shes coming back

cant get rid of me, fools


the queen in her castle

just old ppl doing old ppl things

here we go

my girl got peace of mind



she said yes

ryan: i will take u to court if u dont stop playing games while im sleeping

a semi fancy event for the last wedding of the legacy

theyre kinda stealing the show tbh

her sisters were there to congratulate her tho

woah woah woah



lmao i guess much didnt happen after that

twins, geraldine and esme

idr which is which tho haha and also i was in the middle of redoing my defaults and my babs were just in diapers and i was like WHAT THEY LOOK SO WEIRD
anyway okay thats it for now i have a few more pics but then i am up to date, i havent felt like playing much lately as u probably all kno but at least heres something~

Date: 2016-04-16 02:03 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] getmygameon
NO! Spooky! D: You must never get rid of spooky! You will be hunted down with water guns and snowballs!! Ok, so Spooky is a GIRL (I can't remember when I had her in my game if I had her as a girl or a guy, eep! >_<;;;)

Yeah she needs piece of mind since she doesn't seem to have any :p lol!!

You're daring having double pregnant sims. I do not allow that anymore >_<;;; it's enough dealing with one damn sim that can't take care of themselves, let alone TWO! NUUUUUUUU!

babehs! 8D

Date: 2016-04-16 02:01 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] azaelers
Oh man I binged your legacies and then went on a bender of defaulting a bunch of maxis clothing and switching to a semi-realistic default skin as well, and it really rekindled my passion for my game. Anyway fun update, I love S. Theodora's eyebrows, I've been putting them on everyone lol.

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