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Digital Angels generously fulfilled a request at GoS for me to shoeswap CatOfEvilGenius's hi-lo skirt with Amaryll's flats.  I though these skirts would look cute with lace, so I did two versions.

Skirts preview

Each style comes in 16 colors - Cat's original 6 plus 10 of my own.

Skirts swatch

Here's a detail shot of the lace:

Skirt detail
DOWNLOAD These Dreams

Mesh by Digital Angels (original skirt by CatOfEvilGenius, flats by Amaryll)
Color actions by Aelia & CuriousB
Lace texture by amidnighteaparty @ DeviantART
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September's theme is "My Muse," and as a tribute to Digital Angels, who first inspired me to retexture hair, here are 4 hairs in Io's textures.

Male hair preview

Female hair preview

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Franfeliano’s The Person Below Me prompt on GOS was:

TPBM will make a sim with high cheekbones, thick eyebrows that loves any bright color, her/his favorite season is Winter. 

So here is Queen Annabelle. 


Queen Annabelle about to commence a snowball fight with her husband King Albert!

She loves the snow of winter and bright colors seen in her dress and outerwear.

Making Snow angels ^_^

Annabelle has the high cheekbones and thick brows along with little pointy ears.


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Hello! The next legacy update should be soon but in the interim I wanted to offer a thing. It's not very exciting, but I personally hate building dorms, so maybe it will be helpful to others who feel similarly? This was the dorm used for the Fiebelkorns in gen 4, and will also be used for the Cakebreads in gen 3.

pics, notes & download link )

Moar shirts for the guys!

Sep. 7th, 2017 07:27 pm
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Like I said, I wanted to do more recolors of MDP's 4t2 short-sleeved buttoned shirt.  So here's 25 solid recolors - 16 in various colors by Aelia & CuriousB and 9 in Kinu/Nyren's Kosmik pastels.

Shirts preview

Shirts swatch

They're available for TM, AM, and EM (choose repositoried or standalone). The meshes are included.

Repostoried | Standalone

Originally converted by Chanel, fixed by MDPthatsme, morphs added by DeeDee
TM & EM conversions by DeeDee
Color actions-
Aelia, CuriousB, & Kinu

NL Neontrix Bar Fix

Sep. 6th, 2017 08:27 pm
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CEP Maxis Neontrix Bar Fix Sims2

If you have the CEP then your Neontrix bar most likely looks like shastakiss' bar does. I've remapped it. The file needs to go in your zCEP-Extra folder in Documents.

Download -

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