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lilithpleasant:♪♫here i made these!!!! i rly like this sweater but i only had it in black and white and u kno im all about pastels so.  there are 9 here in nyren’s kosmik colors and the mesh is included!!!DOWNLOAD

lilithpleasant:♪♫winkwonk here are some things for the AF androgyny shape~ the textures are by azaya, but there are only 8 because i only had 8 in my game haha. mesh included and aLSO if i sent u this before it was actually up publicly pls redownload cause when i got in game i noticed a bump map situation, which has been resolved~idk they might not line up perfectly cause they are just copy and pasted soooo yee but enjoy!!!DOWNLOAD

there are also some various random sims and snickets!!! im just going to link u to my downloads tumblr for simplicity's sake, check it out!

bee boop

Nov. 22nd, 2014 03:02 pm
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hey guys, i just wanted to let everyone who might not be on tumblr kno that i recently hit 3000 followers (and lost my shit i still cant believe it i never thought that i would ever get this far?) and am having a followers gift extravaganza over on my simblr going on this week if u wanna check it out, ive been posting 4 downloads every day :)
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Posted some walls on my tumblr

also if u didnt kno, i have made a downloads directory here
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I posted some christmas gifts over on my tumblr, head on over there if ur interested :)
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I posted all of my Orphan Black sims over at my tumblr check it out

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I'm sure most of you remember me spamming the hell out of you with photos of him previously, so without further ado, have a download link :)

Click me!~
Made downloadable as per request of merlingirl1 :)

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