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The four Ayakashi Sisters are subordinates of Rubeus. Their name is roughly translated in the subtitled DVDs as The Four Phantom Sisters; the exact meaning of ayakashi is "ghost that appears at sea during a shipwreck." -Wikipedia

I'm sure by now you guys are familiar with my obsession with all things Sailor Moon and my simming project making sims based off of the characters, but if not, this is an example of that.





More photos here!

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Wow what an awkward title. But, it is just that.

They are sentate's dresses made into tops only by Trapping, Pooklet'd by me :)

Mesh is included in the download, all of Pooklet's unnaturals included and clearly named so you can chuck whatever colors you don't want.

Download Here

Again, I'm fairly new to sharing creations, so please let me know if there is anything wrong :)

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