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Well I figured it's about time I made one of these, since I'm finally starting to post more regularly on LJ and DW. I'm Drew and this is my simming journal :) I don't post warnings before any entries I make, so just in general... You may see some pixel nudity (oooh scandalous~) here. I usually try to censor it out and its never anything really graphic but sometimes I get lazy and sometimes I forget. Also woohooing. And I swear like a sailor & im from tumblr im so bad at proper grammar etc sometimes i just dont.

As for a policy, literally do whatever you want with anything I have here but please no paysites or claiming as your own? WCIFs and questions in general are alWAYS welcome seriously I love answering questions. Below the first cut you will find sims challenges/etc that im currently playing.  The second cut has challenges etc that i have completed and downloads. Below the third cut you can find sims challenges/projects that i have discontinued and will not be completed. Take a look around and feel free to friend me i will def friend you back if you are a sims journal :)

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